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Ningbo Assist tools co., ltd was founded in 1993 , with the 30 years’ history . The factory is located in Yuyao Ningbo city , The factory is close to the high-way exit with convenient transportation.

Ningbo Assist tools co., ltd is the largest steel measuring tape manufacturer in China at present. It covers a total area of 55000 square meters, has more than 800 employees, and has an annual sales volume of 300 million yuan. It has a daily production of 120000-150000 steel tapes ,1-1.5 million pieces of cutter knife blades. and 50000-80000pcs screwdrivers . The main products are steel measuring tape, cutter knife, blade, screwdriver, hex key and other hand tools. Products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other markets. Assist brand represent 45% of company’s  production and sales, There are 18 countries’ Assist agent in the world .

Assist is the first factory that has passed the MID certification , and is the only factory that can produce MID I and II of double side blade printing accuracy, and has successively obtained JIS I certification, BSCI certification, and NOM standard for Mexico market. Assist products in the production process is more strict than ISO 9001-14001, mid II international quality standards management control, to achieve the company's quality objectives, The acceptance rate of one-time delivery of products reaches 99%, Win the customers satisfaction and trust.

Assist invests more than 10 million yuan in research new technology and new design development every year which is leading the world . The company has applied for and obtained a number of world invention patents, and has a number of pioneering and unique achievements in the world:

1: Assist is the only manufacture for producing the tape measure with original blade thickness 0.16mm , Its lifetime is 8times longer than the normal thickness blade, Assist is the first factory can produce the tape measure with original blade thickness 0.14mm on stable quality in mass production , Its lifetime is 5times longer than normal thickness blade  .

2: ASSIST is the only tape manufacture in the world can produce the smallest compact case measuring tape with thickest blade

3:  ASSIST is the first and the only manufacture can produce the cutter knife blade with laser sharpen edge , it makes the blade sharpness life time 3-5 times longer

4: Assist is the only manufacture to produce the screwdriver bits with Vacuum heat-treatment machine and technology , it makes the bits

Performance 6.5 times better than the normal one

We promise the following management philosophy to our customers  :

Customer’s satisfaction is our principle

Customer’s requirement is our direction

Product’ s quality is our basics

Continuous improvement is our guarantee

Assist team will continue to work hard to produce and develop professional quality , cost-effective, best user experience products for our esteemed customers .

  • 1995

    Founded in
  • 55000

    Area Covered
  • 18

    Brand agent
  • 800

    Number of employees












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